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We purchase property in areas of Philadelphia evidenced to be increasing in value and loaded with potential. Our team focuses on minimizing the investment risk and maximizing financial returns. We work together with local contractors, professionals, in-house realtors, and future residents to produce a high-quality product at an affordable price.
These local investments grow at a much faster rate than traditional investments and contribute meaningfully to the improvement of a neighborhood. Our goal is to identify property assets, unlock value, see potential, and protect investors.
With over 40 successful acquisitions to-date, featured in local publication such as ‘Who’s Building Philly,’ and a reputation for excellence in development our work speaks for itself. At Raza Properties we go beyond building structures--we build jobs, we build communities, we build opportunity. Join us.

Our Goals

- Safe & Reliable Investments
- Top of the Line Building and Remodeling
- Revitalizing Communities
- Honest & Heartfelt Hard Work

Our Expertise

- Acquisition of Properties with Promise
- Analyzing Potential Risk
- Smart, Safe & Effective Investments
- Keeping your Family & Future First

Recent Projects

A History of Excellence

Raza Properties has been investing in Philadelphia's Future since 2009

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